Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

A revitalising, highly nutritious night cream designed to deliver goodness into the skin whilst you sleep. Ideally suited to dry, mature skin that needs plumping, smoothing nourishment in addition to a daily moisturizer.


Indications for use:
Apply after cleansing at night, preferably massaged in slowly at least ten minutes before sleeping.


Free from:
Perfume, parabens, artificial colour, sulphates
Botanical actives & oils are organic


Active Ingredients:
Palm free vegetable glycerine/avocado oil/wheatgerm oil/sunflower seed oil/apricot kernel oil/olive oil/coconut oil/shea butter/evening primrose oil/vitamin C/argan oil/green tea extract/hyaluronic acid/passionfruit extract/arnica oil/silk protein/vitamin E
(preservatives: ethylhexglycerin & phenoxyethanol – although synthetic, are derived from plant and grain)


50g jar £32.00

Pro Anti-Age Serum


This highly concentrated botanical facial serum will provide:
A glowing, healthy and radiant complexion
Nourishment from a spectrum of natural organic actives and oils
Anti-oxidant protection to the skin
Help to boost natural collagen production in the skin
Over time, help to reduce appearance of age and liver spots
An increase in skins natural healing response


Indications for use:
After you have applied your daily Helix Cream (or other moisturizer) wait one minute and then: Simply apply one or more drops to each side of the face with gentle massaging.


Using any more than 3 or 4 drops for the whole face and forehead will not give better results!
(Do not apply serum close to the eye area)


Active Ingredients:
Marine Collagen/Apple Extract/Melon Extract/Evening Primrose Oil/Rose Hip Oil/Seaweed Extract/Arnica Oil/Argan Oil/Green Tea Extract/Vitamin E Oil/Vitamin C/Tomato Leaf Extract/Fennel Seed Oil/Olive Oil/Passion Fruit Extract/AHA Fruit Acid/Avocado Oil


£15 per bottle

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