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A unique, worldwide-patented product. Helix is light and smooth, readily absorbed moisturiser which keeps the skin soft and supple. It is unperfumed and suitable for all skin types.

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Moisturising : Apply sparingly after cleansing once or twice daily. Suitable for use under make-up.

After Treatments : Helix is indicated for its healing, soothing and cooling properties which makes it particularly suitable for use after treatments such as epillation and capillaries (apply 3-4 times daily).

Healing Scar Tissues : In instances where the skin has been damaged and scab tissue formed, apply Helix after the dry, rough tissue has fallen away naturally (apply 3-4 times daily).

Acne : Quite often, acne damages the skin down to the basal layer, due to the formation of pustules or squeezing, Helix is indicated for the regeneration of old or damaged cells by penetrating to the basal layer of the epidermis and stimulating growth of health cells (apply 3-4 times daily).



Delina cream contains native botanical proteins which benefit the skin in several ways :

* anti-wrinkle, repairing and soothing

* strong moisturiser

* improves skin elasticity

* nutritious, stimulating and regenerating effect on skin cells.

Delina is unperfumed and suitable for all skin types, although it is particularly suitable for ''mature'' skins.


Moisturising : Apply sparingly after cleansing once or twice daily.

For the most effective daily skin care, apply a small amount of Helix, leaving it for a minute or so, followed by a small amount of Delina.



Delisia Vitamin cream is a nourishing, protective and soothing ''skin food'' which is particularly beneficial to dry and very dry skin types.

It contains vitamins (A,C and E), rich vegetable oils and a cell proliferant.

This product contains no unnecessary additives, because of this colour and texture may vary.



Collagen cream is a rich, readily absorbed moisturiser. This fragrance-free formulation is suited to the following skin types :

*  dry
*  mature
*  sun-dried
*  skin that is exposed to the wind or air-conditioned environments.



A fragrance-free milk formulated to absorb and remove make-up, environmental pollutants, stale sweat, and sebum, without degreasing the skin.

It should be applied gently with pure cotton pads.



A cleansing and cooling lotion which should be used on pure cotton pads to remove Complexio Milk.

This lotion is also suitable for use by itself where just cleansing and not make-up removal is required.


A light, refreshing, unperfumed product designed for use on skin around the eye area (suitable for all skin types).


Marine Collagen extract, Green Tea oil, Arnica, Algae extract.


Moisturising (Softens, conditions & reduces appearance of lines & wrinkles).

Smoothing & tightening.

Reducing under eye bags & puffiness.

Reducing dark circles.



Apply very sparingly & gently to under eye, eyelids & crows feet area.

Should be used morning & evening after cleansing.

This product is intended for external use only, in the event of contact with eyes flush withplenty of water & consult a doctor.

All Delia Collins beauty products can be refrigerated to preserve their freshness. However, our products are designed to be used rather than stored for long periods.

We are always happy to exchange products within a reasonable period of time.

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