Top tips for gorgeous skin:

♦ Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily & try to keep a balanced diet

♦ Do not go to bed with make up on, it clogs your pores. Use a make-up remover that contains emollients (skin softeners) & does not strip the skin of natural oils. Remove all residue of cleanser with a skin lotion. Always use pure cotton pads.

♦ Exfoliate your skin delicately after cleansing. A tablespoon of oatmeal or natural sugar gently massaged into the skin with water works wonders!

♦ Make your own face mask with either a mashed banana or avocado. Simply spread over your face & lie back with a slice of cucumber on each eye for 10 minutes. Great for your skin & refreshing for tired eyes.

♦ Moisturise & protect your skin day and night.

♦ Try to cover your face in the sun & use suncream with high spf. Photo-damage from UV rays will accumulate as you age. Try wearing a wide brim hat & sunglasses when it is sunny.

♦ Be gentle on your skin. When cleansing, exfoliating, applying creams etc never scrub or pull your skin. A delicate touch will lessen the chance of wrinkles.

♦ Try to de-stress everyday. Read, exercise, watch a film, talk, cook, shop, laugh or whatever you enjoy!

♦ Always get a good nights sleep.

♦ Try not too drink too much alcohol or smoke.

♦ Reduce your caffeine intake (certain soft drinks, coffee etc.)

♦ Exercise your face muscles through laughter, pretending to yawn or pulling funny faces!(raising eyebrows,mouth expressions etc.) Believe it or not, all these movements help to keep your face firmer as you get older.

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